Our belief

We believe every kid deserves to explore their passions and follow their dreams.

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Our mission

We help young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream career through our partnership with Gladeo.

Our partner

Gladeo is a digital media non-profit fostering career exploration for young people from diverse backgrounds. Their "Virtual Career Day" is an online platform that helps students discover the many career paths by letting them explore the experiences of others through diverse storytelling, learn what steps to take to pursue a particular career and connect them with the necessary resources, content and organizations to pursue their goals.

Connecting Community

Our Connecting Community initiative shares an inside look at how team Gladeo prepares for each career exploration interview. Our behind the scenes imagery allows thousands of young people to follow along on the project from the beginning and gives insight into the prep, gear, planning + teamwork necessary to have a successful video shoot.

Behind the scenes

A note from our founder

From a young age, I was always thinking about the future. I wondered what my dream career would look like, and how I would get there. After finding my passion for photography, I began an art series called "When I grow up". The goal was to interview young professionals and ask them if they're following their childhood dream. If not, what steps can they take to get there. When I found out about Gladeo and their mission, my heart jumped. Michelle + her team are facilitating the best possible career day a young person could attend and all the young dreamers they serve have access to hundreds of profiles and endless career options. At TSLR we've committed to partnering with Gladeo, and giving back to their cause.

Every time you choose TSLR, you're helping the next generation of dreamers grow up with inspiration for their future careers, and the tools needed to take the necessary steps.Thank you!