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We help busy entrepreneurs share images daily with their audience, by offering monthly photoshoots to create custom content, so they can enjoy a stress free weekend unplugged.

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Here to serve

We’re here because we’ve been in your shoes. Stressed out, over worked + not feeling the least bit creative. Every day there’s a new demand for more content, and you feel like right when you think you’ve got it all covered, you realize you haven’t updated your website or social media with fresh content in a month.

We’ve created TSLR Lifestyle to give you time back in your day so you can…

♡ Finally plan a date night with your babe
♡ Go on a getaway with your girlfriends
♡ Spend a weekend enjoying your family and friends company
♡ Enjoy a full night of sleep
♡ Have the freedom to take a 2 hour lunch

All of this is possible when you finally realize that it’s time delegate your content creation, and focus on your strengths instead. We’re experienced creators that will streamline your visual strategy + create monthly custom content that you and your clients will obsess over. We got you babe!

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Meet our Founder

Stephanie Tusler - With an extensive background in design and photography, she's worked in the creative industry for 8+ years. In 2017 she launched TSLR Lifestyle, a monthly content creation company, to solve the problems her clients were facing with their visual strategy and not having enough fresh content on a daily basis to showcase their business online. She's determined to save entrepreneurs time and stress, and thrives off finding unique ways to tell a brands story with images that speak directly to their target market. She lives in Los Angeles, Ca with her husband, baby boy, and puppy. You can find her catching the waves in Malibu, hiking the Santa Monica mountains, and exploring local businesses on the weekends. If you're a museum lover, she hosts monthly museum meet ups to stay inspired, continue conversations around art and design, and build her creative community. Send her an email to join in!